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Reflecting our diverse research interests, our goal is to build a vibrant lab of excellent researchers from all walks of life and scientific backgrounds - be that evolutionary ecologists, microbiologists, chemical biologists or systems biologists  - united by the goal of answering fundamental questions about the ecology & evolution of infectious diseases. In addition to academic diversity, we seek to reflect the diversity of society and to help all people regardless of identity or origin to experience research and reap its benefits.

Postdoctoral Fellows I am always interested in hearing from highly-motivated, creative postdocs. If you think you would be a good fit, send me an email expressing why you're interested in my lab, what questions or projects you're interested in and a CV. I am open to developing a proposal with prospective postdocs, including the MSU Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship, NIH K or F Awards and NSF Postdoctoral or Marie Curie Fellowships.

Graduate Students I am currently recruiting graduate students. As a member of the department of Microbiology, Genetics & Immunology and Integrative Biology, students can enter my lab through either the BioMolecular Sciences Gateway or the Integrative Biology program. Each of these can be combined with the excellent Ecology, Evolution and Behavior Program, of which I am a core member and which I strongly encourage prospective students to investigate. If you are interested in joining any of these programs as a member of the lab, please contact me (Nina) with a brief email stating why you're interested in the lab in particular and provide a CV and writing sample of which you were the sole author (e.g. essay on scientific subject, lab report).
Undergraduate Students I am always keen to help undergraduates discover the joys (and pains!) of research and greatly value the help I've had from undergraduates in the past. Please email me if you are interested in joining. If you can provide information about the mechanism through which you wish to partake in research (work-study, PA program or for credit), that'd be great but is not necessary!
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